by Jason Jem

Male scans showed increased activity in the cerebellum
(basic primitive physiological functions).
Female scans show increased activity
in the limbic system
(emotional reactions).

Simultaneous adult male and female brain scans
during and post coitus
show significant sexual dimorphism in cognition
p>0.05, n = 20,843.
(see fig. 1)

Likert scale questionnaires also show Pearson r correlation: .69.


The data support our hypothesis that there is a true gender variance
in post coital cognition.

The middle overlapping normal distribution
of cognition between males and females
support Carl Jung's "animus and anima" theory
of the bisexual outlier nature of all humans.

We also anticipate that within 18 months, digital imaging and processing will have advanced to enable us to directly image the subjects' cognition (Moore, 1965).

Further funding will have to be secured to facilitate additional research
(and post-doctoral job security)
in order to correlate biological and societal variance.

On the positive side, we do not anticipate any lack of volunteer experimental subjects.

The researcher will be
licensing both the hardware and custom statistical evaluation software
of our test experiment system to upscale Las Vegas hotels
as the
"Ultimate Proof of Your Love Experience!"
as a valid and reliable source of future research funding.